Plane to Buenos Aires at Sunset, Miami, Florida, September 2007 Some rights reserved

Plane to Buenos Aires at Sunset, September 2007

Travels near and far

My first time on an airplane was at the tender age of 6 months. My parents were going to England, and I screamed the whole way there. I don't think I endeared myself to anyone on the plane that day. I have been blessed in my life to travel in different countries and see various parts of the world. I lived in England for around four years total and France for 1 1/2 years. I have also been blessed to travel in North, Central and South America and see different parts and meet different people. It is a big wide world out there and I am not the center of it. Plus, I've learned not to scream in airplanes, so I'm a better traveler, but sometimes I do get cranky. :)


2006 was a huge travel year. In April, the ex-husband and I packed all our belongings we didn't get rid of into storage and visited 24 states and Canada in the summer in our Magic Bus. You can read about that on my old blog and see the bucketload of photos we took on flickr. That is a big set (1,000+ photos) and I have broken them down into more manageable sets, which you can visit as well. The goal of this trip was to visit with friends and family, go to two weddings and see parts of the United States that we hadn't seen before as we knew we would be gone for a long time.


That July, we flew to Ecuador and then traveled though Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile. We decided to make our home in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina. Even though we are no longer together, we both plan on being here for a good while. You can read about this extended trip on my blog as well and I've taken lots of photos, go explore my sets on flickr.

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