I do work hard!, China December, 2006 Photo taken by Julyyu. Some rights reserved

I do work hard!


My experience has helped my bosses and co-workers realize their goals by organizing the big picture and taking care of the small details, by helpfully managing projects and people to ensure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed for successful project completion. 

During the past eleven years living in Argentina, I co-founded and ran a computer consulting company, started a freelance photography business, and edited photos and managed a team of photographers at an independent newspaper. In 2013, I entered into the mobile development space as a customer support manager bridging the gap between user and developer at one company, and then working with a team of super users to bring paid content to life in another.

In my "previous life" in the USA, I was a non-profit administrator focused on keeping the chaos down to a minimum by keeping things super organized and running smoothly. I am used to wearing multiple hats as necessary and getting the job done.


For more information you can look at my LinkedIn profile or read my resume.

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